Marin Family Counseling

"Shining a Light on Possibilities"
I support balanced and successful lives. Through focused, motivated and practical guidance, I help people achieve their goals and find solutions for life’s challenges.

If we need help with our taxes, we see a tax advisor.   If we have an unexplained pain, we call our doctor.  Yet it is so difficult for so many of us to seek advice or counsel on more private issues.

A lot of people experience personal, financial, or relationship pressures.  We may have learned that as adults we should have the ability to handle our problems without asking for help from others. It's easy to overlook the fact that an outside perspective could be the key to finding practical solutions that lead to a  more balanced life.

I will work with you to collaborate on what best coping strategies and tools you might apply to create more fulling work, home, and personal relationships. I support individuals with a wide range of issues including: relationship tensions, job stress, life transitions, grief and loss, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and substance use.

I also specialize  in children's issues including: temperament, behavior, school performance and motivation. I work with parents to better understand child development and their parenting style.

I have a  great deal of experience in assisting families through major life adjustments such as divorce,  chronic or life threatening illness, and addiction.

I work with my clients to cut through the complicated to help reveal the steps towards having a more rewarding  and satisfying life.

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